Starvara is a Mass Multiplayer, Battle Royale style game. Where players can duke it out in the galactic battlefield for rewards, Cosmetics, Leader board rankings and much much more.

120 Player Battle Royale

Join the epic battle in our universe featuring a heart-pounding 120-player Battle Royale! Engage in an adrenaline-fueled showdown as you compete for the prestigious title of Galactic Champion, striving to emerge as the ultimate survivor in a quest for victory.

1v1 Competitive Gaming

Step up to the challenge and showcase your skills in our intense best-of-nine round head-to-head gaming battles. Prove your mastery over your spacecraft as you go head-to-head with opponents, demonstrating the true essence of skill, strategy, and determination.

10 Unique Spaceships

Discover the diverse fleet of Starvara, boasting 10 distinct spacecraft waiting to be unlocked through mastering each vessel. Each ship offers its own distinctive playstyle and statistics, providing a dynamic and personalized gaming experience tailored to your strategic preferences.

Customize your ship

Elevate your flying experience with Starvara's array of in-game cosmetics, allowing you to customize your spacecraft and leave your indelible mark on the galactic map. From sleek paint jobs to eye-catching decals, personalize your vessel to stand out amongst the stars and make your journey through the cosmos uniquely yours.


In Starvara, your journey through the cosmos is not only about mastering battles but also about advancing your spacecraft through earned XP and customization options. As you engage in thrilling battles, you'll accumulate XP to level up, unlocking new features and customization options for your vessel. Moreover, you can earn premium in-game currencies, including our exclusive VRX Credit, offering even more opportunities to enhance your galactic adventures.


Dive into a universe of endless possibilities with Starvara, featuring an arsenal of over 50+ diverse combat abilities ready to be discovered and equipped during intense battles. From essential healing items to game-changing combat skills, each ability holds the potential to tilt the odds in your favor, ensuring every encounter is as exhilarating as it is unpredictable.

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